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We are green!

Not only do we take our role in shaping the environment seriously, but we are fully committed to ensuring our actions do so in a positive way.

1. Recycled materials: In order to provide you with the highest quality, most earth-friendly products possible, we have adopted the use of recycled materials in our manufacturing process. This means your laptop sleeve could have been a wetsuit in a past life or your iPhone case could be the reincarnation of a plastic bottle! Learn more about our materials.

2. e-Stewards: Another growing concern is the increase in electronic devices that are improperly discarded and go on to produce toxic waste. Because we want our customers and fans to have access to a solution, we have collaborated with the Basel Action Network’s (BAN) e-Stewards program. This program allows you to donate your old electronics, which will then be properly recycled. Learn more about e-Stewards.

3. Artist collaborations: Our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop at recycling! We believe art is also an essential part of our surroundings, which is why we have collaborated with several local artists. This collaboration allows us to support their work while providing you with innovative and creative products. Learn more about artist collaborations.