Geek is Chic.

Even if you do not consider yourself one of the fashion-forward minded, the geek trend has been rather difficult NOT to notice this summer. It has become quite clear that geek is chic.

So how does one appear geek? Simple, it is all about the frames. Geeky frames have hit the fashion world and have taken it over. This hipster trend turned mainstream is literally everywhere and on everyone. From the Jonas Brothers, to Britney Spears, to even Chris Brown, who hasn’t taken part in this scholarly trend??

Even more so, the trend is hard to hate cause let’s face, somehow this nerdy look is actually really cool . . . like, really cool. So, why shouldn’t your electronic device get in on the action? After all, what’s a geek without their gadgets?

Check out this fun “geek” inspired iPad case we created . . .

Let us know what you think and feel free to create your own geeky cases! ; )


A Backstage Pass!

We are constantly talking about what we do but never really took the time to tell you about who we are . . . So, we have decided to take today to give you a backstage pass and let you in on some behind the scenes information about caseable!

(music monday . . . backstage pass?? …. get it?! =p)

For starters, and for those of you who may have missed the memo, we are a start-up based out of Brooklyn, NY. Here, our design team, marketing team, and PR team all work side by side to help take caseable to the next level, and we must say . . . we have a pretty good time while doing it!!

Check out some fun office pics of us doing what we do best here at caseable . . . enjoy =)

hi mina!!

oh yes, he is silent . . . but deadly.

we mean it when we say hand-made!

still a personal fav =p

As each one of you places a custom order that lets us learn a little about you, only fair that we do the same ; )


Photography and caseable

We are taking this time today to get a little personal with all of you. You know, we want to take things down and get a little intimate for a second . . .

We all know caseable is able to put our favorite photographs onto any case we design. It creates an opportunity for us to capture some of our favorite moments and literally carry them with us always.

The Brooklyn Bridge and a Laptop Case of the Brooklyn Bridge lying in front of it.

Above is an image we wanted to share with all of you. It is one of our favorite cases, the Brooklyn Bridge case, next to none other than the Brooklyn Bridge.

We love, hopefully as much as you, the ability to implement personal photography onto, in this case, our laptop case. It is one of the ways in which we can be sure that we are going to have a design that no one else will; something truly unique.

And so we ask all of you to share with us, as we have with you, some of your favorite images, feelings, and emotions. ; )

Summer Is NOT Over Yet !

a personal beach photo =)

Maybe everyone else is ready for Fall sweaters and pants but we are not!

The Summer is, yes, moving quickly but that does not mean we have to try and keep up. After all, August did just begin!! So with that said, we are analyzing this summer’s biggest trends to help you stay fashionable for the rest of the Summer because yes, there is still Summer left!

In our opinion, Summer 2011 was the return of BOLD in fashion and below are the five biggest trends we took note of:

  1. Bright Colors
  2. Bold Stripes
  3. Fun Patterns
  4. Nautical Themes
  5. 70’s throwbacks

We searched and found our favorite examples of these trends that can, you guessed it!, all be incorporated into a case to make your favorite electronic device, a Summer fashion statement! ; )


Team Building Day!

Nothing brings a team together like a little bit of MANual labor!

 Note: Emphasis is on man because the woman indeed had no part in the      matter, except to document it, just saying.

The men of the caseable team got to do a little team building project today, as they each worked as one to bring in a very large shipment. It was most inspiring as this united force (notice team tees!) worked together to successfully transport a large shipment of 20+ boxes from the deliver truck, into the elevator, and up to the caseable office . . . undoubtedly breaking some sort of record, of course.

Furthermore, such inspiration could not be ignored and could only lead us to one thing . . . a custom case idea! Check out the image below, look at those champs!

For more images from our day of team bonding, click the blue. ; )

And The Winner Is . . .

Kieran Blanks, aka Mr. Material, is the official winner of the caseable New York Street Style Contest! . . . (click link to see other contestants!)

Defined as eclectic, classic, and fresh, Blanks was spotted in an all white summer ensemble that just could not be ignored. As he owned the streets of SoHo, he caught the eyes of our interns almost instantly.

And to compliment it all?? Blanks chose (and rocked!) the Cherry Blossom laptop case designed by yours truly, caseable.

A native New Yorker, he won thanks to the support of his family, friends, and fans with a total of 75 votes! We were so happy to have him participate, and being that we are in complete love with his taste in fashion, we cannot wait to see what type of case he designs as his prize!

We will be sure to keep you posted =)

A Battle of the Sexes?










It is neck and neck as we are quickly approaching the end of the New York Street Style Contest (cough, click the blue, cough cough) and it seems to have become a battle of the sexes as these two lead the pack of contestants.

However, as far ahead as they are from others, they are NOT far from each other. The contest is close and as we are nearing the end (end of Friday!) it is up to all of you to cast your final votes . . . who knows, it may even be one of the other contestants who is a last minute underdog.

Again, contestants are competing to win their own custom case and to vote, one must Like the photograph (must first like of their favorite style.

Hint: Click the picture if its one of the above two (or cough, click the blue, cough cough).

caseable wishes each of our contestants the best of luck and thanks them all for participating. The winner will be announced Monday (how exciting)! ; )

Lookout for Lace!

This Fall, keep a lookout for lace!

As if the trends of Spring and Summer weren’t clues enough . . . Ladies, Lace is IN.

Lace is perhaps one of the most feminine of fabrics, never failing to express a lady’s womanly side. It’s a way for a girl to be revealing while still being mostly covered.

She can expose a little shoulder, back, or even leg, all while still resonating a sense of style and class. It creates this sense of mystery and let’s be honest, guys? This drives men crazy!

And as Lace took over fashion this past Spring and Summer, it shows no signs of slowing down as we enter the Fall season (will it ever actually go out of style?).

So, as an avid supporter of the Lace trend, we present to you a case we customized ( to show how your laptop case can also be sexy . . . yup we said it . . . make your case sexy!

Have fun customizing your own Lace designs (hint, click the picture above!) and show us what you come up with. =)

John Mayer iPad Case

So very exciting news here today and before I share with all of you, I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. Very rarely do I take over as myself but this I just couldn’t contain . . .

My name is Matil (muh-teal) and I have purchased an iPad 2!

Obviously, being a part of caseable, my first thought was what kind of case I would want to carry my iPad in. It was at that very moment, the soothing, ever so charming voice of John Mayer gave inspiration … mostly because I was listening to the John Mayer pandora station. But regardless, below is my personal creation:

I am a little bit in love here . . . with that case that is. haha ; )

But in all seriousness, I took my favorite John Mayer photo, and used it for the front cover. I then paired that with lyrics from my favorite John Mayer song, Edge of Desire, clever right?

Moving on, I always like a hint of color so after the black base, black and white images, white text, and grey interior . . . I needed a pink spine.

Now I just can’t decide which I am more excited for, the iPad or the case.

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts before I make my final decision, and maybe some of you even have some of your own design suggestions? Let me know =)

Music Monday: Amy Winehouse

Maybe not the happiest of topics for Music Monday however, we feel it is only right to acknowledge the death of artist Amy Winehouse this past weekend.

The 27 year-old singer was found dead in her London apartment on Saturday, July 23, 2011. Winehouse first burst on to the music scene with her hit “Rehab.” Following the fame of her single, would soon also become her struggle with drug and alcohol addiction throughout her short career. However, the cause of her death is still unknown and may not be determined until weeks to come.

Rumors fly stating that the singer was in a drug-blur while purchasing various vices days leading up to her death yet her family denies such accusations. Either way, the death of such talent so young is still sad to see and we send our best to Amy’s family, friends, and fans.

This week’s Music Monday goes out to Amy Winehouse . . . Maybe a tribute case is in order?