Setting the Ambiance.

While stumbling today, we found a few great “Do It Yourself” projects..

Create a clementine candle (thanks to Apartment Therapy & Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan)

All you need: clementine, olive oil, a lighter, & a knife.
It’s fairly simple and easy to do! All you need to do is to peel the clementine & make sure the white center of the fruit is intact. Pour some olive oil and light the wick!
Here are the step by step slideshow you can use to make your new candle!
clementine candle slideshow

Create water balloon candle holders (thanks to Candletech)
All you need: party balloons, double boiler, cookie sheet, high-melt paraffin wax, tea light candle.
This candle will take a bit more time, but the outcome is worth it! You just need to melt some wax and dip a water balloon into the pot. Let the wax dry around the balloon, and pop it! To finish it off put a tea light candle in the middle and let it glow.
For full instructions, visit water balloon luminaries%

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