The coolest sleeve in the coolest bar: a cool result (Field Test)

Check out this awesome laptop sleeve field test submitted by 12designer. Thanks for sharing this cool story!

Good design is easy to recognize. You just see it, and fall in love with it. That happens with good ideas too: you stare at the screen or magazine, and you’re just unable to take your eyes away from it. It moves you, it touches you, it tells you a story.

Let us tell you ours.

We ordered a 12designer sleeve at We travel quite a lot with our laptops ( is European market leader in design crowdsourcing, where your logo, flyer, webdesign or naming needs could be solved by a 12000+ creatives community), and we really wanted something different for our laptops. Caseable appeared at our sight, so we decided to brand our laptops with their revolutionary design-it-yourself system.

Just a week after, we received our sleeves, which were so beautiful that we thought: could not be better. So cool that we thought: could not be cooler. And proudly, we went through the coolest neighbourhood in one of the coolest cities in the world with our new 12designer Caseable sleeve. We also work on Saturdays, so our colleague Ralph went to a cool bar of the cool neighbourhood. He left his laptop at the table, turned it on, and went for a coffee. When he got back to his place, he saw a cool girl. With a cool computer sleeve in her hands. His.
She stared back at him. Her eyes were saying, “you’ll be thinking that I tried to steal it”, so she started mumbling:

- Sorry, I just… wanted to look it closer… it’s so lovely…
She touched it with her fingertips, as only women are able to touch delicate things. Then, she carefully placed it in the couch, looked back at him, and said, very softly, “goodbye” to the sleeve.
Isn’t that cool?

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