TGIF, The Weekend is Here!

Brooklyn Flea Market

So it’s Friday people … Friday!

This means we survived the work week, the weekend has finally arrived, and we cannot be happier (not that we don’t love working of course).

So we ask, what is it that you have planned??

Living in Brooklyn there is never a shortage of things to do. Whether it’s the hip-hop festival in Park Slope (super cool) or you’re heading to Fort Greene to check out Saturday’s flea market (hello bargains!), the options are endless . . . like our products! . . . just saying ; )

You might even be venturing into Manhattan or perhaps a weekend getaway to Long Island or dare I say, the Jersey Shore? MAYbe you are even doing absolutely nothing else but counting down the days to Electric Zoo (49, by the way!). Either way, we are all thankful for the two days Saturday and Sunday that have finally come to our work-week rescue (unless you work weekends then…ouch).

So again, let us know where your weekend hotspot is and help give caseable some new ideas for our own weekend agenda.

caseable is Re-launching!

caseable has come a long way since our launch last November. We have completed our fully customizable laptop sleeve and had our first Christmas sale. Of course, we have also continued with our product development and are now happy to reveal the results!

caseable is proud to present our re-launch. In addition to our existing laptop sleeves, we now offer high quality handmade design and protection for your iPad and Kindle, as well as caseable journal. To accompany our new products, we have also created a new, cleaner website with a more polished design that better reflects our work.

And for those of you still wondering who we are exactly . . .

caseable is an international company, based in Brooklyn and Berlin, that hand crafts individual sleeves and cases for your favorite electronics. We offer a variety of stylish designs to choose from and, with our customization tool, our customers can create their own design using text, colors and images of their choice.

Here are just a few of the new products you can find as part of our re-launch:

 Tell us what you think!