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Recycled materials

Many materials - including neoprene, polycarbonate, and polyester - can not decompose naturally, which means recycling is more important than ever, especially as the average consumer uses (and throws away) more and more products. To the greatest extent possible, we have adopted the use of recycled materials in our cases.

Recycled neoprene

The majority of caseable’s products include recycled neoprene and ensures your electronics stay bump- and scratch-free. Our laptop sleeves are constructed from 5 mm thick recycled neoprene while our tablet and e-Reader covers also include the substance as padding.

Recycled polycarbonate

Polycarbonate can be found most notably in the PET bottle, also known as the everyday plastic bottle. Every year in Germany alone, billions of PET bottles are sold, none of which are biodegradable. Rather than allow these bottles to become waste, we have taken the initiative to convert them into iPhone cases. Thanks to our special wrap around printing technology, you would never guess they're recycled!

Recycled polyester

It takes thousands of years for polyester to decompose naturally. To counteract this waste, we use recycled polyester for our e-Reader and tablet cases, meaning your case is not only unique to you, but it also helped conserve our resources.

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